Are we there yet?

Sigh.  It’s been a tough few weeks of late.

It started out so great…a quick visit to Qld to visit with family and friends in the warmer weather and Henry flew really well! But whilst this was enjoyable, it was also when Henry decided it was time to change things up a little.

I went from being extremely lucky and having a baby that slept for around 7 hours a night to a baby that woke up at least once, sometimes twice, during the night and then bam, wide awake and ready to play and chat from 5am.

Of course, I speculated endlessly as to why this was.  And of course like anything with a baby it could be any number of reasons….different location, lighter room, he had a little cold…or more likely it is the 4 month sleep regression / wonder week(s) stormy cloud that lasts forever I’ve since learnt about.  Who knew?  Clearly not me.

Given it started whilst we were in Qld I initially just put it down to the travel and thought nothing of it…but then it continued….and hasn’t really ended.  Oh and in that period I also got the most awful cold known to man that lasted two weeks and was completely wrecked from being sick and not sleeping and then having to get up during the night also.  I think I’d become accustomed to having 7 hours of sleep a night – and of course – the more you get the more you want!

So here we are. Henry’s sleep is all over the place – not only waking during the night but sleeping lighter and sporadically.  Henry wants more attention and wants to be cuddled more. He’s definitely found his voice and is not afraid to use it.  Sometimes he’s not hungry and a bit fussy (and of course I conveniently picked this time to try to start introducing some solid food – you can imagine how well that’s going).

I’ve come across this blog and many many other websites that all list similar symptoms and signs which makes me more feel slightly less concerned. I even went to a sleep seminar from Lullaby SOS with some girls from my mothers group (very conveniently timed) that confirmed that there is such a thing as a 4 month sleep regression and that I was not alone.

On the flip side, Henry is also changing and learning heaps.  He’s now focussing (and going cross eyed when focussing on something close), laughing and giggling a lot, blowing a lot of raspberries and trying to roll more and more.  He mastered the front to back roll in Qld and is now close to getting the back to front roll too – although usually just manages to lie on his side.

It is week 19 – and according to the wonder week app (which I now own) we have 5 days till the end of this ‘leap’. I know the end is coming…but will it return to normal or is this the new normal? Fingers crossed my boy returns to the sleeper I had gotten used to!

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