Jam drops keep falling on my head

It’s rainy. I’m craving something sweet. So what better way to pass the time – but to bake!





An Election Day treat

Rather than watching the endless, depressing coverage of the election – even before the polls have closed – I decided to make an Election Day treat. This is despite the fact that I live in Canberra and yet I still find the coverage boring yet somehow addictive to watch. In some ways I’m glad I’m not at work otherwise I’d need to know the details of the election back to front and be able to dissect it all over the water cooler on Monday.

So I made some lemon butter teacakes. I had been given lemon butter in beautiful jars way back as a bonbonierre from my friends wedding and had been meaning to use it, so headed to google to see what inspiration I could find and I came upon this simple recipe:


And I think they turned out pretty well! But the true test will be when hubby and I try them later tonight with ice cream. Yum!