Already behind…but looking ahead to 2014

It’s 2014.  And I’m going to be busy blogging from activities from 2013 that I just never found the time to do.  Isn’t that always what happens around festive season – we get busy?

But for now, some key things I’m keen to achieve in 2014.  (Note: I’m not a huge fan of resolutions per se, but you know, if I don’t sort of set myself some direction then I have nothing to aim for!)

1. Read one book a month.  I love reading, but I never seem to prioritise it.  So this year, I’m setting myself what should be an easily achieveable target. I’m cheating and for January I’ve finished the book I was reading last year (Simon Pegg – Nerd Do Well), so am already getting a head start on my next book for February (Ross Garnaut – Dog Days).

2. Play tourist in my own city.  I realised today there are so many things to do in my own city that I haven’t visited.  So will try to tick a few more off in good ol’ Canberra town in 2014.  This is also an idea from the happiness project which I’m adopting.  There are already a few that spring to mind – National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery….and of course, Questacon for Henry!

3. House and garden stuff – get better at this.  By this, I mean, I want to be handier with fix-it-up projects, I want to garden more and would love to tick off projects (or even just be better at maintaining the house and garden I do have) that I have bubbling in my mind. Will require lots of time and patience on my behalf. Ambitious.

4. Of course, this list would not be complete without mention of exercise.  Here, I’d just like to get into a better routine.  I think this will be a particular challenge for me as I return to work in a few months.

5. Be organised.  I like being organised, it is what I do.  I am not happy when feeling overwhelmed by disorganisation.  I am keen to continue working at this – decluttering and kicking on with spring (all year round) cleaning. I’ll also be juggling far more things this year, and I’ll need to keep a check on how well I’m managing that.  As an attempt to stick to this, I’m going to join the Organised Housewife’s 2014 Declutter 52 things in 52 weeks challenge.  First I have to catch up on what I’ve already fallen behind on.

6. Work smart. Before leaving work last year, I was in a job I loved to hate.  I want to change that around this year, but I also don’t want to be married to my job.  It is about finding a good balance.

7. Family matters.  Be kind, generous and loving.