Mum’s the word

Today is Henry’s half birthday.  Hooray!

And in acknowledging that, someone said to me ‘congratulations for making it through 6 months!’  When I think about that, it is totally right.  I mean, I don’t consider myself to be particularly maternal, and I had low expectations of how I’d cope with the stress of being a mum.  But I actually have surprised myself (and others too no doubt!).  I enjoy being a mum.  I am a good mum.  And its made me become even more of a homebody and encouraged me to really enjoy the simple things in life.  Don’t get me wrong, there are those moments where its frustrating and hard and in those moments I miss work, socialising with friends or just intelligent conversation with someone that will actually reply.  But all in all, I love it.  And for me, that is totally unexpected.

Before I was pregnant and during my pregnancy I speculated as to what it would be like – life with a baby.  To be cliche – its a life changing event – but I wasn’t sure just how much my life would change. I was mainly focussing on the things I would need to give up.  But what I didn’t expect was the extent to which I wouldn’t mind all the stuff that comes with a newborn – the early mornings (eventually the waking in the night does stop!), the stinky nappies, the feeling like you can talk about nothing else but baby stuff and the general chaos that accompanies your life.

But the reward and compensation for these things is so much bigger.  Smiles, laughter, fascination and learning new things and, of course, the endless love. It is amazing and I wouldn’t swap it for anything.